Art for me is exploration, whether it’s internal or external, it’s my way of exploring the world.  The act of travelling in or though an unfamiliar area is what brings me back to my canvas. My paintings are a conversation, what begins as a sketch or a photo develops its meaning as I work, until, by the time the paint dries, the painting tells me what it is about.

Art began in my childhood, when I observed my rambunctious family and escaped their noise in a world of words and images.  I completed my Bachelor’s in fine arts at Queen’s University and went on to teach art in classrooms for over 20 years. I am currently a member of the Ottawa Calligraphy Society, the Ottawa Watercolour Society and The Kanata Art Club and have been involved with the Ottawa School of Art.  I continue to learn about media and technique through life drawing, printmaking, encaustic and watercolour workshops. 

My first loves are watercolour and calligraphy, but I work in a variety of mediums including acrylic, oil, pastel, pen and ink and textiles. I have a developing interest in textile arts and work with embroidery, crease patterns and the manipulation of 2D surfaces into 3D. No medium is offlimits.  I will experiment until I find the technique that fits the piece, whether that means pencil crayons, or embroidery on paper. 

I’m inspired by objects, often exploring detailed forms from nature like seed pods and weathered materials. My ultimate goal with these objects is to reveal their mysteries, to explore them in a light and with an appreciation they rarely receive. Using light and colour, my work plays on the incredible detail of the abandoned and mundane. What looks like an abstract play on light and texture may be the reflection of a teapot, or paint dribble down a drain. It is the relationship between these objects, and the stories they carry, which colour my brush. The history and symbolism of the objects inform the paintings.